The world of vehicles at the feet of a MAX champion

Hello Africa, welcome to mobility 2.0!

Better, safer, greener.

Powering eco-friendly mobility through high-performance Electric Vehicles.

Providing infrastructure and services to taxi drivers across Africa.

We are MAX.
We are bringing the future of mobility to Africa today.

The big picture for us is a seamless transportation experience for Africans powered by innovation, technology, and eco-friendly infrastructure.

We are delivering a transformational experience to drivers and commuters via a powerful platform that is driving sustainable growth and development across Africa.

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We grow because we care.




Operating cities



Are you an experienced driver? Do you want to

Own a high-end vehicle — motorcycle, mini-bus, tricycle, or car?

Pick up more passengers than ever?

Connect with enterprises for delivery services?

Save the planet by transitioning to electric vehicles?

Earn more money on your terms?

Enjoy great health and vehicle insurance plans?

Get free access to necessary driver skill development and training?

Then you’re in the right place. At max, we pride ourselves on our vision to empower transport operators across Africa to grow financially, get connected to profitable services, make more money, and be safe on the job.

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Drivers And
Passengers, All Just
One Tap Away.

The MAX app offers everything transport operators would need to connect to customers in need of a ride (MAX Go), and businesses and enterprises in need of delivery services (MAX Now). We will say it’s user friendly but we will let you see for yourself.

Pioneering Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Africa.

We are leading EV transformation in Africa as the first company to design and customize electric vehicles and drive adoption at scale for public transportation.

Our EV initiative will lead Africa on a transition to eco-friendly mobility fueled by clean energy and still serve the purpose of extending access to cost-effective and safe transportation for everyone.

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A world-class experience on wheels! Climb aboard, buckle up, and trust the Champion because we do.

Our Champions are always around the corner so you won’t be kept waiting.

Relax with the assurance that your safety is our number one priority

Taking our two-wheeler? Accept our offer of a disposable hairnet and a clean helmet for your protection and comfort.

Our Champions will navigate the best routes to ensure you get to your destination in time.

No matter the distance, don’t fret — we emphasize on cost-efficiency.

Our Champions accept cashless transactions.

Your trusted steed awaits. Enjoy your ride!

Trusted by the best of the best!

Our transformational effect on Africa’s mobility as captured by the media.

Are you ready for a world